Club Joi a HUGE Private Club with 7000 square feet of Private Party space.

Just a half mile off the Freeway! Conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles near the 10, 110 and 101 Freeways.

On Premise Parties every Friday, Saturday, and some Wednesdays. The schedule varies a little. Please check the Calendar for Themes and dates. To keep up with what's going on at the club please sign up for our newsletter.

Becoming a member of Club Joi is simple. Start with the "Required Profile". If approved you will receive an email with further instructions.

Once you have a profile and paid membership you will be able purchase event Tickets. You can RSVP to events you "might" attend. You'll see "Who's Hot"! Check out who's RSVP'd so far. Enjoy the forums. Access to the "Autodate" feature and a lot more! There are discounts and special offers that are only available online.

Club Joi is mainly an online group but we do offer an in person option. Please call 323-944-7527 on Tuesday after 10 am together for a brief phone interview(Guys please don't waste time calling alone). You will then come into the club Tuesday night for your in person interview. You'll need to show your IDs, sign the membership agreement, provide an e-mail address, and pay your membership dues. You will then be eligible to attend an event.

You can NOT get membership at the door the night of the event! Tuesday is the ONLY day to do an in person interview. Call 323-944-7527 Tuesday after 10 am for directions and questions. Your appointment will be scheduled for Tuesday evening. You will NOT get online access, benefits and discounts.

Single Ladies are always FREE...but need current membership. Minimum $20 for 3 months. Create the Free Profile. If approved you will receive further instructions. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

No membership for Single Gentlemen available at this time.

Couples and Single Ladies ONLY!
Event Hours Vary. Please check the details for the event you are interested in attending..
Minimum membership ONLY $20 for 3 Months or $50 for 1 year.
Each event you attend has a minimum donation.(Check the event details)
Single Ladies are FREE with Membership ($20, 3 month minimum).
Cash, VIP Passes, and Fun Prizes for Best in Theme(when available)
Huge Dance floor with 2 X-Poles.
Erotic Dance Music with multiple DJs.
Bar with unlimited soft drinks, juice and bottled water.
NO Alcohol is Sold!
Yummy Hot and Cold Food (included).
Coat and bag check.
Locker Room. Bring a lock or get one for $5.

Outdoor Smoking Area with fire pits.
Cozy Lounge Areas with light up furniture..
Sexy On-site Play Areas with Velvet bed covers.
Valet Parking with Security Patrol($10)
Questions? (323) 944-7527.

Dress to Impress! Upscale club attire required.
Gentlemen! At least a collared shirt please. No one is impressed by a t-shirt.
No Shorts. No Sandles. No Baseball caps. No Sports Attire. No Ripped clothing.

There is no dress code for the ladies. Sexy as you can stand! Feel free to use the locker room to change as often as you like.

No Cameras or Cell Phones Allowed!!!
Please respect the privacy of your fellow members. Leave your camera at home and put your phone in a locker along with your other valuables.
If we do promotional pictures you will be notified in advance. The event details will make it very clear that we will be filming and you will be asked to sign a release before entering. We will NEVER take pictures of you without your knowledge and consent.


The Club Joi Difference
It can be difficult enough for 4 swingers to agree to play together without the club getting in the way.

The goal of Club Joi is to provide a fun place, in Los Angeles, for experienced swingers and "newbies" to meet and play. To provide couples new to the lifestyle a place to explore and fulfill their fantasies without feeling intimidated. While maintaining the complete on-premise experience for seasoned swingers.

House Parties are fun, and can feel like your teenage years, sneaking off to someone's Mom's bedroom. The problem is they lack the club like environment, and they sometimes annoy the neighbors. We don't want to upset anyone.

Hotel Parties can be overwhelming even for the seasoned swingers. New couples stand around wondering if they will ever get comfortable enough to strip down and go for it in front of a bunch of onlookers in a well lit hotel room. The Vanilla like dance areas can be to limiting for sexy swinger girls. Truly more fun than a regular club, but nowhere near as exciting as Joi.

Meet and Greet groups can be effective, but awkward, when it comes to taking it to the next level. The age old question. "Our place or yours?" Or the Frustration of the "Flake Factor". You leave the party and loose the other couple...Game Over.

On-Premise lifestyle clubs are by far the most comfortable places to meet new swingers to dance and play with, and to take that next big step. It's simply much easier to say "Lets go check out the play area."

Enjoi your life. Join Club Joi today!
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